International Male in the 1980s

By the 1980s International Male was becoming so successful that it started out the decade by having a celebrity (a first for the catalog)  Bruce Jenner on the cover. By 1983 the company was starting to release up to two catalogs per season to cash in on the growing demand.

During the 1980s there was a multiple stores to compliment the catalog business. There was a production facility and store in Downtown Los Angeles, and stores in West Hollywood, Escondido, and San Diego.

In 1987 owner Gene Burkard ended up selling International Male  to Hanover House Industries based in Weehawken, New Jersey.

Spring 1980







Summer 1980


Fall 1980
Blueboy December 1980


February 1982
Summer 1982







Spring 1983
Summer 1983


Summer 1983


Fall/Winter 1983
Fall/Winter 1983 Holiday Gift Guide
Spring 1984
Summer 1984
Fall/Winter 1984




Holiday 1984



Spring 1985



Summer 1985







Fall/Winter 1985
Spring 1986
Summer 1986
Special Summer 1986










Summer 1986









Fall/Winter 1986


Holiday 1986












Spring 1987




Summer 1987



Fall/Winter 1987


Winter 1987
Spring 1988


Spring 1988
Spring 1988


Summer 1988
Summer 1988
Fall 1988


Fall 1988
Holiday 1988
Spring 1989
Aloha Hawaii Spring 1989
Spring 1989
High Society Spring 1989
Non-Stop Neon Summer 1989
Summer 1989
Fall 1989
Fall 1989
Holiday 1989



One thought on “International Male in the 1980s

  1. If you have full copies of these I’d be interested in purchasing the Summer 1983 edition or a high quality scan of “Crew: The Ultimate Team Sport”. Thanks,

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